IWIF Photography Contests 2015

India Weaved in Frames
It captures Culture.Heritage.Festival.Art Forms.Architecture.People.Landscape.Life.Wildlife.Food.

First edition of India Weaved in Frames is now on Limca Book of Records .

India Weaved in Frames, in short IWIF, is a collection of photography contests and exhibition and photo-book of selected images from the contests. Online photography contests, one for each Indian state, are conducted and the top three are selected by eminent photographers as judges from different parts of India.Three photographs to represent every Indian state is the subject of the exhibition and book, both are aimed at displaying an image repertoire of our great Nation’s Unity in Diversity.

The beating heart of this country pulsates from the mountains of Ladakh to the shores of tropical Kerala, India. In words of its first Prime Minister, Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru,” India is a bundle of contradictions held together by strong invisible threads”. A country where the taste of water changes every 3 km and the language changes every 12 km, Indian culture is most ancient and steeped in traditions with an ability to inspire, exasperate, thrill, and confound all at once. It is a place that fires the imagination and stirs the soul like nowhere else on earth.

This sparked of an unconventional journey by Immagine, using the light, the totally Indian props and unquenchable passion to experience, appreciate, and exhibit India through frames. A series of Photography contests themed on every Indian state and top three photographs selected by eminent photographers to showcase an image repertoire, India Weaved in Frames; the IWIF Photography Contests | Exhibition | Photo Book.

Insight to Our Nation

India has always been a work in progress, a constant process of reinvention and accumulation that can prove elusive for those seeking to grasp its essential essence. Headed by the information, and the photographs, this repertoire is a reflection of the great civilisation invasions, the birth of countless cataclysms.

Power of Photography

In this issue, we have portrayed the rebels through expressions, celluloid, and frames. Even one element can create a story behind the frame, thus making it even more powerful. We hope for this to be an eye opener to the unrestrained power of the art form, known as Photography.

Commitment to the Society

For us, India Weaved in Frames is also about inspiring people to care about the planet. The funds generated through various means like the book’s sales, contributions from the well-wishers and entry fees to the Photography Contests are put together to make a heartfelt smile, a step ahead to the concept of a better home and a better world. The exhibitions are inaugurated by those kids who deserve our care, where they get a chance to see” India under a roof”. Let the world hear the laughter they want to make.

“Photography is our language, our culture; and India Weaved in Frames is a tribute we pay to our mother land, our India.”