IWIF - II Results

India Weaved in Frames is unique in many ways and one among them is its judging process; six judges follow diverse styles of photography and from across India. It’s obvious that their judging styles would also be different. When Prof. Shivji Joshi kept in mind impressive use of lines and light, intensity of sense of feeling, and impressive presentation of regional identity while judging; Mr. Farooq Javed Khan was looking for life, light, and frame. Mr. Balan Madhavan was in search of unique and out of the box images involved with creative thought process; Mr. Rohinton Mehta has considered pictorial and technical aspects of the entries; and Dr. Mathung Yanthan has kept his judging to some areas like composition, rule of third, content, resolution, message it conveyed, etc.

To speed up the judging process and bring in more authenticity, we have restructured the published judging process; all the entries were sent to all the six judges to select top three images and others, if any, from every contest. The first entry was awarded with 3 marks, second 2, third 1, fourth 0.5, and so on. The marks awarded by all the judges to an image have been added together to find its total score and top scored three images have been selected as the Top Trio (one winner and two equally placed photographs) of the respective states.

In case of a draw, parameters like direct representation of the state, balancing of characteristics of states in the exhibition, from which state the photographers hail, and marks awarded by the judge belonging to that state or region. The top images, selected by one or more judges, which have missed out the Top Trio honor have been selected as Special Mention photographs. The final results of the India Weaved in Frames Photography Contests (Second Edition) are presented below.