There are numerous competitions happening, a wide number of reasons to join and ultimately, a few arising victors. We at Immagine, present a different prizing pattern wherein there arise more victors than competitors. When you enter in IWIF, the entry fees is put together for a noble cause and you and your dear ones earn a holiday package at an affordable prize to tour Kerala during the IWIF Exhibition days. In short, everyone wins here.

Win a Smile
Not just glorified passion for Photography, for us, India Weaved in Frames is also about inspiring people to care about the planet. The funds generated through various means like entry fees to the contest, sale of the photo-books, and contributions from our well wishers are put together to make a heartfelt smile, a step ahead to the concept of better Photography and better world. The exhibitions are inaugurated by those kids who deserves our care, where they get a chance to see “India under a roof”. Let the world hear the laughter they want to make.
Certificate of Merit
The top three photographers who are shortlisted by a distinguished panel or the so called ‘Top Trio’, arising from each state will be awarded a Certificate of Merit during the award ceremony. The Awardees who can’t make it to the ceremony will receive their individual certificates via post. Special Mention photographers (First and Second Round toppers) will get them via email. We consider it to be an honor, to win a merit from Immagine, a registered Non Profit Organization (Regn No.TVM/TC/857/2013) for Better Photography and Better World, in a competition rooted home.
The IWIF Award
We believe this could surely be counted as one of the prestigious awards in Indian Photography where the zenith photographer is selected from winners of 31 contests and by some of the renowned names in Indian Photography! The IWIF Award consists of a custom designed Plaque, monetary prize of Rs. 25,000, and an exclusive tour package worth Rs. 25,000 to explore Kerala and to visit the IWIF exhibition. Being selected from a series of one contest for every Indian state, the IWIF Award is truly a National Praise.
The IWIF Exhibition
The selected Top Trios will be exhibited at the prestigious Kerala Lalita Kala Academy Art Gallery Center (Durbar Hall), Ernakulam, Kerala from 22-26 January, 2016. Our way of celebrating the Republic Day.
Cash Awards
The winner of each contest will be awarded with a monetary prize of Rs. 2500 and all the other two Top Trios, Rs. 1000 each. Get ready to win out of Rs. 1.5 lakhs as cash awards in offer!
Explore God's Own Country
A dream come true offer to one and all participants of IWIF Contest Series, this is the perfect chance to visit God’s Own Country and the IWIF exhibition with your dear ones at a humble price offered by Sanguine Holidays, one among our well wishers. You may indulge in the circle of photographers from across India to make it a constructive experience of your Photography life.
Exhibited Photograph
The exhibited photographs (24 inch longer side, mounted on 8 mm board, matt laminated) labelled with photographer’s winning position and details, will be gifted and home delivered to the Top Trio photographers. Showcase your reaching with this instance of India!
Fame and Honour
Be sure to join this contest series, where you are reviewed by distinguished photographers, the popular mores like media and television and the hoi polloi who get to see ‘India under one roof’. This is right where the smiles are always more than the normal see.

“A contest for a cause and where everyone wins. Support us to succeed”