Tell me something about India Weaved in Frames.
India Weaved in Frames is a series of photography contests. This year it is of 31 contests, one contest themed on every Indian state and one for all Union Territories together.
Who is behind this initiative?
Immagine, a Non Profit Organization registered with Govt. of Kerala (Reg. No. TVM/TC/857/2013). We stand for Better Photography and Better World! You may visit our website for more details.
How can I join this contest series?
You may follow these simple steps: 1. Register at our website. 2. Select the menu (page), Entry Form. 3. Fill up the required fields and select the Submit button. 4. Do the payment of entry fee depending upon number of submitted entries. For example, if the submitted entries are three, the entry fee will be Rs. 300 only. 5. Note that, if you opt for DD/e-MO, its details should be ready before filling up the entry form.
Theme of the contest is bit confusing. Could someone clarify it?
Theme of the contest is one of the Indian States or Union Territories. For example: Assam or Tamil Nadu. If you wish to join a contest themed as Assam, you can submit a photograph which represent some great feature of Assam. The feature could be culture, heritage, tradition, people, festival, food, art forms, monuments, architecture, landscape, wildlife, or any other subject of your choice. You may also check out the photographs selected in last year contests.
Is there any entry fee to join these contests?
Yes! To conduct exhibition, give away prizes, and fulfill our social commitment. The entry fee is Rs. 100 per entry and one participant can submit maximum five entries. For example, if someone submits two entries, the entry fee will be Rs. 200.
Please tell me about the judging procedure for this contest series?
We have adopted a unique judging procedure for this contest series. Please visit here for more details.
If the theme of a contest is Andhra Pradesh, can a photographer of other state join it?
Yes! Anyone from across the world can join any five contests in the Series.
I would like to join five contests. Is it so I should join all the five at a time?
Not at all. Once you register at this website,  you can join any contests any time.
Neither internet banking nor debit cards, how can I pay the entry fee?
You have two other options to choose from, by Demand Draft or e-MO (Electronic Money Order) from your nearest post office.

  • Demand Draft (DD) should be crossed and drawn in favor of Immagine, payable at State Bank of India (SBI), SME Branch, Thiruvananthapuram (Branch Code: 7211, IFSC: SBIN0007211).
  • The DD and e-Money Order (e-MO) should reach our below address before 22nd October, 2015. Manoj KB BNRA-70 NCC Road, Peroorkada (PO) Trivandrum: 695005.
We are friends or members of a group. Shall we submit the entry fee together?
Yes, you can. While filling up the entry form, please enter the details of payment and other required information on the field Details of NEFT (Your Account No.)/DD/e-MO/Group Payment.
Is water mark permitted over my photograph?
Big “No” to watermarks, texts, or anything over the submitted photograph.
What about editing? Is it allowed?
Editing to the original image shall be limited to minor cleaning work, levels, curves, color, saturation, contrast, and cropping; and the Judging Panel is having the complete right to decide the amount of editing permissible other than the mentioned.
Any alternate link or method to join this contest series?
If you find this site is not responding the way you wanted, you can submit your entry at Immagine’s website after registering here.
I have opted DD or e-MO as payment option while submitting the entry form. Now I wish pay it through online. Is it possible?
Anytime you can pay the entry here. Remember to enter the correct amount!
Unfortunately my doubt is not listed here, what should I do?
You may contact us to clarify your doubts. Such doubts will be updated here if required.
After submission, the spinner carries on revolving indefinitely. What can be done in that case?
You shall confirm your submission here. Nothing much to worry about, if your entry is reflected there. Otherwise, send your entries with necessary details at immaginephotographers2@gmail.com and do the payment here.
May I know how to reduce the file size, because mine is above 1 MB?
By Photoshop:
1. Open your file in Photoshop.
2. Select the menu Image > Image Size.
3. On Image Size window, enable Constrain Proportions check box.
4. Enter 1400 or 1600 pixels (or any value between these two) for the longer side, under the Pixel Dimensions.
5. Select OK button.
6. Select the menu File > Save As to save the file.
7. On the JPEG Options window, set the required Quality to have the file size below 1 MB.
By Paint:
1. Open your file in Paint.
2. Select Resize option to get the Resize and Skew window.
3. Enable the Pixels radio button.
4. Enable the Maintain Aspect Ration check box.
5. Enter 1400 or 1600 pixels (or any value between these two) for the longer side.
6. Select the Save As option to save the file.
An already logged user gets the login page again when Enter Contest option is selected or the login page appears again after login. What can be done in such situations?
You shall refresh your browser by pressing Shift and F5 keys on your keyboard to get the desired page, may be the Entry Form to the contest.