Tell me something about India Weaved in Frames.
Who is behind this initiative?
How can I join this contest series?
Theme of the contest is bit confusing. Could someone clarify it?
Is there any entry fee to join these contests?
Please tell me about the judging procedure for this contest series?
If the theme of a contest is Andhra Pradesh, can a photographer of other state join it?
I would like to join five contests. Is it so I should join all the five at a time?
Neither internet banking nor debit cards, how can I pay the entry fee?
We are friends or members of a group. Shall we submit the entry fee together?
Is water mark permitted over my photograph?
What about editing? Is it allowed?
Any alternate link or method to join this contest series?
I have opted DD or e-MO as payment option while submitting the entry form. Now I wish pay it through online. Is it possible?
Unfortunately my doubt is not listed here, what should I do?
After submission, the spinner carries on revolving indefinitely. What can be done in that case?
May I know how to reduce the file size, because mine is above 1 MB?
An already logged user gets the login page again when Enter Contest option is selected or the login page appears again after login. What can be done in such situations?