We at Immagine, view every contest as a platform where contestants learn from their fellow participants, the eminent panel of judges and through observing their sets- be culture, society or views. Getting judged by such great artists is considered as the greater honor; we believe it is well above winning prizes.

India Weaved in Frames, being a unique Photography Contest Series, we have arrived at an innovative online judging procedure where in the judges are from different parts of India, who are well defined by their diverse styles and approaches in Photography. From Kashmir to Kerala, Nagaland to Rajasthan, Bengal to Maharashtra, these critics select images to showcase India’s great diversity at its very best through a distinct process of judgment.

For this edition of India Weaved in Frames contest series, the three rounds – First, Second, and Final – are elaborated here:

First Round

  • The total number of contests and judges is 31 and 3 respectively.
  • After verified by the Immagine panel, all the photographs will be submitted to all the three judges.
  • Each judge will select top ten photographs for every contest.
  • Top ten photographs of each judge will be allotted with marks; first will be awarded 10 marks, second 9, third 8, and so on.
  • From this round, a maximum of 30* photographs will be qualified for next round.

* If two or three judges select the same photograph(s), the number will be less than 30 from a contest. 

Second Round

  • Number of judges is three.
  • All the qualified entries from the First Round will be submitted to all the judges.
  • Each judge will select top three photographs for every contest. First will be awarded 3 marks, second 2, and third 1.
  • On the basis of marks scored, Top Trio will be announced*. Top Trio means, one distinguished winner and two equally positioned photographs.
  • In case of a tie, marks scored in the First Round will be considered.

* If the top images of First Round get selected by second round judges, they are eligible for due weightage.

Final Round

  • The purpose of this round is to select the IWIF Award winner, the finest out of 31 winners.
  • The 31 winning images will be submitted to all the 6 judges.
  • Each judge will decide on the best of his choice.
  • The most elected photograph will be the final winner.
  • In case of a tie, marks scored in the previous rounds will be considered.

The IWIF Judges


Prof. Shivji JoshiPhoto Artist

Master of Desert Photography, Prof. Shivnarayan Joshi Shivji is a Photo-Artist of international repute. He is Life Member of Indian Photography, Kolkata and Dinodia Photo Library, Mumbai. He has won many National and International awards and featured in International publications like National Geography magazine, Your Shot, Amateur Photographer magazine of UK, Nikon calendar, Japan, and USA Photographer Portfolios.

Balan MadhavanWildlife Photographer

Now into Architecture Photography, Mr. Balan Madhan is a Senior Fellow of International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), only one from India. The United Nations (UNEP) Photography Award in 1992 is one of the many awards he has won. He is an Associate of the “Royal Photographic Society (ARPS)” of United Kingdom and an “Artiste of the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (AFIAP)” of France.

Rohinton MehtaPhotography Educator

Above 40 years in the world of Photography, Mr. Rohinton Jal Mehta has taught thousands of photo-enthusiasts through workshops and writings and judged many National and International Photography contests. Currently the Technical Editor of Smart Photography magazine, he is Uncle Ronnie for everyone. Though he has expertise in diverse genres of Photography,  his personal choice is Nature Photography.

Farooq Javed KhanPhoto Journalist

Life of 23 years in Photo Journalism, Mr. Farooq Javed Khan is currently working with European Press Photo Agency. He has also worked with Hindustan Times, Pioneer, and regional English dailies. Khan’s notable coverage include the Rebellion Broke out in Kashmir ’89 and Kargil War ’99. He is the President of Kashmir Press Photographers’ Association now.

Dr. Mathung YanthanVersatile Photographer

An outstanding Photographer and Assistant Professor at Kohima Science College. It all started when his father gifted him a camera at the age of eight. In his words, “Nothing professionally achieved or earned in photography, its all about passion and personal archive”. Dr. Mathung Yanthan has co-judged the Indian Himalayan Photography Competition (Kohima Summit 2013).

Swarup DuttaScenographer

A practicing Scenographer with a keen interest in curating new voices in photography, art and design. Since 2001 Mr. Swarup Dutta has conceptualised, styled, and shot campaigns for many national and international brands. His photographic works resonate between fashion and fine arts and have been showcased at various photo festivals.


“We feel honored to have such a distinguished judging panel for India Weaved in Frames second edition.”